The mission of Valor Academy is to provide a personalized Christian education that supports each student’s unique needs and abilities and fosters creativity, mastery, and excellence.

Our holistic approach to coming alongside the student AND the family gives parents the tools and support they need to ‘train up (their) child(ren) in the way they should go, so that when they are old, they will not depart from it’. – Proverbs 22:6

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“VOA wants to express their gratitude for your support at this years Empty Bowl. We were blown away by the students enthusiasm to volunteer. You helped fill in gaps that were crucial to the event. And the soup was a hit. We served over 650 people at the event. We are so grateful for all of you. Hope to have you back next Year.”

— Rachel + VOA Team


Individualized Education
One Size does NOT fit all

Children, and the way they learn, come in all shapes and sizes; tall and short, slim and stout. Would anyone ever try to fit a size 12 foot into a size 6 shoe? Yet, when it comes to learning, square pegs often get forced into round holes. This is why we establish a plan each child.

What Parents are Saying

“Our family was so blessed to be a part of your academy this year. You were a light shining bright in the midst of darkness. What you gave Em was more than an education. You gave her a place where she could be herself stripped of all labels and drama. You gave her a place where she got to figure out what she needed to learn best. Robson Academy truly is the best place for kids to receive an education completely tailored to them and their learning style/ability. Having God’s Word sprinkled in is the icing on the cake!”

— Shelta Rambur, Parent

What Students Do We Serve

Valor Academy is uniquely equipped for ‘outlier’ students who may be challenged by traditional classroom learning. We have seen transformational change in students with:


Anxiety or Anxiety Disorder

Health Issues

Educational Challenges

Social and Cultural Struggles

Adoption Issues


High IQ but bored

Advanced Students

Students wanting to work ahead

Valor Academy’s Model


Christ-centered Education

Daily Bible study emphasizing godly character in every sphere of life

Encouraged Development

Students activities and studies are not restrained by their grade level.

Academic Excellence & Mastery

Students only move forward having achieved 80%

Positive Classroom Atmosphere

We call it the 90-10 rule.

Homework Free

Evenings are for family. Our program is designed to make the most of the school day.

Family Consultation & Support

We want to work together with parents to support both students & their families.

Small Class Sizes

Our teacher to student ratio is 1:10 or less.

How To Get Started

Step 1.


Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule a phone consultation to determine if Valor Academy is a good fit for your child.

Step 2.


We believe education is a mutual partnership. A face to face interview and facility tour helps us establish rapport and comfort level.

Step 3.


We create a plan together which can include individualized curriculum, therapeutic techniques, and family consultation.