The Valor Model

1- Christ-centered, Christian Education: Each day begins with Bible study and worship. Students are challenged and encouraged to develop Godly character not just in academics but in work ethic and life-skills. 

2- Individualized Education– We understand that school is not one size fits all. Student schedules are tailored to their individual needs, strengths and interests. 

3- Low or no homework- Evenings are for family time, so while a student may have homework now and then, we try not to assign homework unless the parent desires it.

4- Encouraged Growth and Development: A student can move ahead of their actual grade level, and pursue areas of special interest or passion. At the same time, struggling students are supported in the subjects in which they are struggling but still allowed to move forward in the subjects in which they can advance at a faster pace.

5- Positive Classroom Atmosphere: We encourage positive relationships, team building and respect for one another. Teachers strive to be encouraging with their students and encourage students to support each other.

6. Service to Our Community and Veterans- We teach to our students the value of hard work and giving back to our community and country through community service projects and projects that support our veterans.