What Students Do We Serve

What Students Do We Serve

Valor Academy is uniquely equipped for ‘outlier’ students who may be challenged by traditional classroom learning. We have seen transformational change in students with:


Anxiety or Anxiety Disorder

Health Issues

Educational Challenges

Social and Cultural Struggles

Adoption Issues


High IQ but bored

Advanced Students

Students wanting to work ahead

What Parents are Saying

“Our family was so blessed to be a part of your academy this year. You were a light shining bright in the midst of darkness. What you gave Em was more than an education. You gave her a place where she could be herself stripped of all labels and drama. You gave her a place where she got to figure out what she needed to learn best. Robson Academy truly is the best place for kids to receive an education completely tailored to them and their learning style/ability. Having God’s Word sprinkled in is the icing on the cake!”

— Shelta Rambur, Parent


We’re excited to host a Community Barn Dance fundraiser on November 19th! We’ll have a Chili contest, auction, dance, and we’re also thrilled to have a musical performance from Ricky Geissler and the Outlaws! Be sure to join us at Country Night Club at Wrench Ranch beginning at 5pm. A $5 donation per person is recommended.

Valor Academy’s Model


Christ-centered Education

Daily Bible study emphasizing godly character in every sphere of life

Encouraged Development

Students activities and studies are not restrained by their grade level.

Academic Excellence & Mastery

Students only move forward having achieved 80%

Positive Classroom Atmosphere

We call it the 90-10 rule.

Homework Free

Evenings are for family. Our program is designed to make the most of the school day.

Family Consultation & Support

We want to work together with parents to support both students & their families.

Small Class Sizes

Our teacher to student ratio is 1:10 or less.

Introducing Valor Academy Jr. High

Valor Academy is pleased to offer Jr. High programs (Grades 6 through 8) in the Sheridan area. At Valor, we establish classroom groupings based on a number of criteria:

1. Student Personalities

We group students together based on personality, strengths, and weaknesses.  As they work together, there is a sense of family within the classroom that helps students in their ability to overcome their challenges.

2. Curriculum

Though students may be different ages, sometimes they are doing the same curriculum. We take this into account as we set up each class.

3. Teacher Gifts & Abilities

We work to match students with teachers who have complementary personalities.

4. Group vs. Individualized Teaching

Some students need individualized teaching. Other students can learn in a group. This is taken into account when we evaluate classroom designation.

5. Maturity and Leadership

We arrange classrooms to help facilitate growth, maturity, and leadership among our students. Students at higher grade levels help those in lower levels. In this way, everyone grows and develops skills.